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A Celtic Wedding Handbook                                 by Aine Minogue
  • A Celtic Wedding Handbook                                 by Aine Minogue
  • A Celtic Wedding Handbook                                 by Aine Minogue
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How to add the perfect Irish touches to your wedding… A Celtic Wedding Handbook is your guide to expressing your Celtic or Irish heritage on your special day and enhancing the wedding experience with lovely traditions from Ireland and the Celtic countries.

This book provides traditional romantic suggestions for every aspect of your ceremony, reception and wedding preparation. Chapters include Irish Blessings and Toasts, When to Marry, What to Wear, Rings, and lots of music ideas!

The Handbook is a fun, accessible guide to planning a wedding that connects you to the traditions and to the culture of Ireland and Scotland. Include the blessings in your invitation or program, or incorporate them as a bit of Irish fun into the bridal shower or reception.

Even if all you do is browse through the Handbook as you listen to accompanying music by Áine, you’ll have immersed yourself in the traditions of the Celtic Wedding.

Irish harpist/singer/composer/author Áine Minogue has witnessed and provided music for many weddings during her career.

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