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“Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” 
— Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and dramatist

Celtic & Irish Wedding Traditions


The terms Irish and Celtic are often used interchangeably these days, but it is worth noting that the people we refer to as “the Celts” at one time could be found living all across the European continent. As the Roman Empire expanded however, the Celts became almost exclusively associated with the North Western fringe of Europe, and by about 500 AD, only the peoples of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and parts of Northern France were considered “Celtic” in language and customs. The Celts were known as a warrior people but they were also considered talented artisans (primarily in metalwork like jewelry and weapons) and were known to have very vibrant cultural and mythological traditions. 

Celtic society was based on a clan system so kinship and consequently marriage had a great deal of significance and importance. Not surprisingly then, a whole series of customs developed around marriage. Many of these practices have survived down to today. As you learn about Celtic marriage customs you’ll notice that there was a great deal of emphasis on securing “good luck” for the newlyweds. This was not because the Celts were especially superstitious, but because life in the 7th Century could be pretty precarious and most people believed that fate would ultimately determine whether a family struggled or thrived. Why not do all you could to make sure that fate was on your side! 

Most of the practices outlined here were regional variations of Celtic culture found primarily in what is modern day Scotland and Ireland - the two areas where Celtic traditions seem to have been most resilient.

Excerpt From: Áine Minogue. “A Celtic Wedding: How to add the perfect Irish touches to your wedding.”

A Celtic Wedding Handbook                                 by Aine Minogue
  • A Celtic Wedding Handbook                                 by Aine Minogue
  • A Celtic Wedding Handbook                                 by Aine Minogue
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How to add the perfect Irish touches to your wedding… A Celtic Wedding Handbook is your guide to expressing your Celtic or Irish heritage on your special day and enhancing the wedding experience with lovely traditions from Ireland and the Celtic countries.

This book provides traditional romantic suggestions for every aspect of your ceremony, reception and wedding preparation. Chapters include Irish Blessings and Toasts, When to Marry, What to Wear, Rings, and lots of music ideas!

The Handbook is a fun, accessible guide to planning a wedding that connects you to the traditions and to the culture of Ireland and Scotland. Include the blessings in your invitation or program, or incorporate them as a bit of Irish fun into the bridal shower or reception.

Even if all you do is browse through the Handbook as you listen to accompanying music by Áine, you’ll have immersed yourself in the traditions of the Celtic Wedding.

Irish harpist/singer/composer/author Áine Minogue has witnessed and provided music for many weddings during her career.

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