Welcome to Journey Through Life

"To him that farthest went away, the sweetest music he ever heard was 'Come Home'"
Old Irish Proverb
In some ways, the music I’ve arranged/written/recorded is an echo of my own “big questions” on what it means to live a life. My own "journey through life" has led me to a ever deepening appreciation for the traditions that have come down to us from previous generations and none more so than those from my own country of origin – Ireland. 

So, when I've asked the big questions about spirituality, birth or even death, for example, I've found myself returning again and again to the traditions of my forefathers. Much of this
introspection has resulted in taking old music and refashioning it for the modern ear. Similarly, by digging deeply into that canyon that is tradition, the core meaning of the music or songs didn’t just help me to understand their history, it gave me a grounded center with which to move forward in my own life.

You’ll find music, traditions, poetry and lore around many of life’s milestones from birth to death. For me, their collective wisdom has served as a guide of sorts, an anchor in a world where no one person knows or has all of the answers. While the idea of "home" is always an
enigma to me, as an immigrant to the United States, this wisdom often leads me to what my friend, and famed Irish author and philosopher, John O'Donohue might call the "house of belonging."

By sharing this life journey, I am pleased to share on the accompanying pages
multiple album soundtracks of mine that I believe connect or relate profoundly to Eight Life Milestones and information about my background research for each one (usually 12-18 months per album). I would wish for you to gain as much peace, joy, and comfort from these songs and traditions as I have, while you immerse yourself more deeply into your own exploration of “all things Celtic...”  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll return here often.

May love, laughter and music light your days,


   Coming of Age