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Carolan's Dance

Áine Minogue

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"Carolan's Dance," the first single and the title track from an upcoming release, is an upbeat duet with Áine's longtime collaborator, Eugene Friesen, on cello. According to Áine, “this is among my favorite O’Carolan compositions and is a wonderful opportunity to play with my musical hero, as well as let loose and have fun on a piece that truly expresses O'Carolan's vitality and gift for melody!"

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Carolan's Dance

Irish Harp Music

Áine’s new single, entitled “Carolan’s Dance,”  is now available on all your favorite downloading and streaming services. 

"Carolan's Dance," the title track, is an upbeat duet with Áine's longtime collaborator, Eugene Friesen, on cello. According to Áine, “this is among my favorite O’Carolan compositions and is a wonderful opportunity to play with my musical hero, as well as let loose and have fun on a piece that truly expresses O'Carolan's vitality and gift for melody!"

The track is from an upcoming album in tribute to the 18th century Irish harper and composer, Turlough O’Carolan who wrote exclusive for Irish harp. Four of the tracks have been newly recorded, eight are compiled from album tracks previously recorded by Áine, and one track “Second Sight” was written as a tribute to the composer who was blinded by smallpox at the age of eighteen.

“Aine Minogue… A balm for our times" Entertainment Weekly

"... musically compelling..."  LA Times 

Áine Minogue has been a staple of the Irish and Celtic music scene for many years completing sixteen solo albums to date. She is prominently featured on numerous compilations, many of which spent months on the Billboard 100 music charts (World, Folk, New Age, Classical) Minogue is also a frequent contributor to TV soundtracks.

New Single ~ Planxty Power

Keeping tradition alive!

The second single from Áine's upcoming album of harp instrumental music, Carolan's Dance is entitled Planxty Power.

She's joined by Vermont grammy-winning cello maestro, Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort), as well as the gifted Seamús Egan on Irish whistle. 

Áine describes Seamús as "the most gifted and visionary musician of our generation."  His album "When Juniper Sleeps" presaged everything that was to come musically, not just in Irish music but in much of folk and world music on both sides of the Atlantic. People use the word "honor" a lot, but it is truly an honor to get to play with him."

Planxty Power is considered a core part of the composer's (O'Carolan's) body of tunes. According to Minogue "it's hard not to fall into a waltzey default rhythm. The trick is to keep its original charm and playfulness without falling back on waltz time to do all the musical heavy lifting. It's classic Carolan! The underpinnings of joy are unmistakeable. It has a kind of love running through it... It's why his music still shines and resonates. There's a kind of goodness in it." 

Planxy Power is now available on all streaming and downloading services.

Áine Minogue proves beyond reasonable doubt why the harp is indeed the instrument of Angels” - Randy Lewis

— LA Times

Turlough O'Carolan~Irish Harper & Composer

A note from Áine on Turlough O'Carolan

Keeping Tradition Alive!

Composer Turlough O"Carolan was blind.  But that was probably the least surprising thing about him.  Leaving over 200 pieces of gorgeous music, a bushel of wild tales and a legacy more outrageous than his larger than life personality, he overcame the obstacles of childhood poverty and national oppression to become a national treasure.  During the darkest period of Irish history, he overcame the unthinkable and went on to become Ireland's most beloved composer, rivaling those of the great courts of Europe in popularity and certainly in memory….  (and remains her beloved national icon! )

He was the stuff of legend!  Whether scandalizing the glitteria of the courts, charming ladies from the kitchen to the big house or putting an entire nation under his spell, there's only one thing that we know for sure about Turlough - his music is stunningly beautiful.  

From sublime melodies of love such as Brigid Cruise, to sly songs of 'Welcome,' (Carolan's Welcome) and even an ironic Concerto, O'Carolan could turn a musical phrase to break any man, or woman’s heart!  Even his rare foray into sadness in his "Farewell" is breathtakingly beautiful. Frequenting the houses of the nobleman, as was the custom of the harpers of old, he composed music to honor these patrons who houses him and other such harpers and composers. Now, long after they have been forgotten, his name and music live on. 

O'Carolan's genius lay in his ability to combine the beauty of Irish melody with some of the classic elements of European baroque music and in so doing please the man of the fields as well as those of the court.  Nothing has changed. There are few who listen who are not truly enchanted by this man's music.  Prepare to be disarmed…  Carolan is in the house!

Planxty Morgan

Keeping Tradition alive!

The third single from Áine's upcoming O'Carolan harp instrumental album again features the gifted Seamús Egan on Irish whistles and cello phenom Eugene Friesen on Cello.


Here, they form a chamber folk ensemble and reinterpret the lilting genius of this beloved Irish composer who inspired the hearts of all those above And below stairs in the old houses of Ireland! 

Planxty Morgan is an elegant ode to the music of the ancient harpers infused with Carolan's gift of joy! May it inspire you...