1. Bad Pennies

From the recording Eve

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Bad Pennies
Aine Minogue

All the bad pennies, heads up, tails you loose
Turning upside down spinning away the blues
Your sisters would like to visit you
But you're busy with your bad penny blues

All the bad pennies circling and fall
And your eyes glaze over
A tear from one eye falls
One cheek is blue, the other is white
And the ghosts of your past carefully hidden from sight

All the bad pennies (are) rolling to rest
And the echo is eerily blessed
Your father's gone, your mother long passed
And we'll sing you a psalm
requiem for, a hidden past

Hmm, ah, hmm, ah


Jon Evans: Bass, pedal Steel, percussion (shaker, triangle), banjo
Eugene Friesen: Cello, cello effects
Aine Minogue: Irish harp, vocals
Billy Novick: Clarinet