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NUT BROWN MAIDEN (Scots Gaelic Lyrics with English Translation)

Ho ro, mo nigh'n donn bhoidheach,
Hi ri, mo nigh'n donn bhoidhech
Mo chaileag laghach, bhoidheach,
Cha phos mi ach tu

A Pheigi dhonn nam bla h-shul
Gur trom a thug mi gradh dhuit
Tha d'iomhaigh ghaoil a's d'ailleachd
A ghna h tigh'n fo m'uidh

Ach 'n uair a thig an Samradh
Bheir mise sgriob do 'n ghleann ud
'S gun tog mi leam do 'n Ghaildachd
Gu h-annsail am flur

English Translation
Nut Brown Maiden

Ho ro my nut-brown maiden,
Hee ree my nut-brown maiden,
Ho ro ro maiden,
For she's the maid for me.

Her eye so mildly beaming,
Her look so frank and free,
In waking or in dreaming,
Is evermore with me.

And since from thee I parted,
A long and weary while,
I wander heavy hearted
With longing for thy smile.

And when the blossoms laden,
Bright summer comes again,
I'll fetch my nut-brown maiden
Down from the bonnie glen