1. 13-Ave Virgo
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Ave Virgo Virginum (Lyrics in Latin with English Translation)

Ave virgo virginum verbi carnis cella
in salutem hominum stillans lac et mella
peperisti dominum moysi fiscella
a radio sol exit et luminum
fontem parit stella.

Ave, plena gratia caput zabulonis
contrivisti spolia reparans predonis
celi rorans pluvia vellus gedeonis
o filio tu nos reconcilia mater salomonis.

Virgo tu mosaice rubus visionis
de te fluxit silice fons redemptionis
quos redemit calice christus passionis
o gaudio induit glorifice resurrectionis.

English Translation: 

Hail, virgin of virgins, chamber of the incarnate word.
For mankind's salvation you gave birth to the Lord,
distilling milk and honey,
O Moses' basket.

From one ray the sun shines,
and a star
brings forth the fount of light.
Hail, full of grace: you crushed
the devil's head,
and you restored the stolen spoils, distilling heaven's rain,
you fleece of Gideon.
O, reconcile us to your Son,
 mother of Solomon.
Virgin, you bush of Moses' vision,
 from you,
the rock, flows the fount of redemption.
Christ clothes those redeemed
by the chalice of his passion
with the joy
of his glorious resurrection.