From the recording The Twilight Realm

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This is a children’s “dandling” song. The idea was that you placed the child on your lap and dandled him or her – sort of like bouncing the child on your knee – the high note is where you throw the child up in the air. It’s meant to reflect the childlike world of the imagination and the otherworld with which children as so well acquainted.


Cuirfimid deaindí, deaindí
Cuirfimid deaindí ar Mháire
Cuirfimid deaindí, deaindí
Bróga is stocaí bána


Hóró damhas is damhas
Is hóró damhas go haerach
Hóró damhas is damhas
Is damhas is damhas a lao dhil

Rachaidh mé siar is siar
Rachaidh mé siar lem stoirín
Rachaidh mé siar is siar
Is fanfaimid thiar ag spórtaíocht

Caithfimid suas is suas é
Caithfimid suas an páiste
Caithfimid suas is suas
Is tiocfa’ sé ‘nuas amárach



Cur-ah-mead dan-dee, dan-dee
cur-ah-mead dandee er wah-ruh
Cur-ah-mead dan-dee, dan-dee
brogue iss sthuck ee bawn-u ('iss' like "swiss")


Hoe-rowse douse iss douse (rowse like "'row' your boat")
Hoe-rowse douse guh hair uck (uck like 'duck')
Hoe-rowse douse iss douse (douse like 'house')
Douse iss douse ah-lay-yill (yill like 'dill')

Rock-ah-mead scheer iss scheer
Rock-ah-mead scheer lem stoor-een (lem like 'lemon')
Rock-ah-mead scheer iss shceer (iss)
Fon-ah mead here egg sport-uck (fon like 'on')

Kaah-ah-mead seuss iss seuss (seuss like Dr. Seuss)
Kaah-ah-mead seuss un pawsch-tah
Kaah-ah-mead seuss iss seuss
Iss chiuck-ah shay noose ah-mawr-uck