1. Blessing

From the recording Celtic Pilgrimage

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Áine Minogue (Little Miller Music Company, BMI)
Verse lyrics, traditional

The moment for leaving has come, those who love us, bless us.
We will be missed; the pull of separation tears us.
Together we will take flight, harness the strength of the path
we have chosen, as our course unravels before us.

2 Blessing
Aine Minogue: Vocals & Harp
Baird Hersey: Overtone Singing
Scott Petito: Bass, Keyboards, Loops
Chris Carey: Drums & Percussion


May the long-time sun shine on you,
all love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide you on your way.

Akal, Akal, infinity,
Akal, akal no end.