1. Sanctuary

From the recording Celtic Pilgrimage

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Áine Minogue (Little Miller Music Company, BMI)
Verse lyrics, traditional

The heat is relentless, there is no end and our will is tested.
We find the coolness of sanctuary, rest because we must rest,
the journey has been long, our bodies and minds are worn.
We surrender ourselves to the world.

4 Sanctuary
Aine Minogue: Vocals
Scott Petito: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Eugene Friesen: Cello
Chris Carey: Percussion


In paradísum, dedúcant te Angeli
in túo advéntu suscípiant te Mártyres,
et perdúcant te in civitátem sánctam Jerúsalem.

Chórus Angelórum te suscípiat,
et cum Lázaro quondam páupere aetérnam hábeas réquiem.