1. Be Still

From the recording Celtic Pilgrimage

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Áine Minogue (Little Miller Music Company, BMI)

We wake, see the world and the ground shifts with possibilities.
Our belief is returning, stronger with purpose
we regain our strength, play new music.
The path is clearing, a new direction being plotted.

6 Be Still
Aine Minogue: Vocals & Harp
Scott Petito: Keyboards
Eugene Friesen: Cello
Steve Gorn: Bansuri Flutes


Strong, stark and beautiful, the wildness of a rose
The truth in shadows hiding where all men fear to go
Humility of Reason, the silence of the stones
Summerlands are calling, the Wise Men coming home

The mysteries of sorrow you count upon your beads
The ashes of frustration, the Good Men wisely heed
Hear the Gods wild laughter, as they recount your schemes
Still and stark and wild now, the madness of your dreams

Glimmer in the Shadows, Serenity imposed
While out across the darkness, the heavens still unfold
Fear recites her vespers, so courage comes to call
The balm of hope awaiting with her Alabaster Jar