1. Exile

From the recording Between The Worlds

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The journey begins as movement between worlds and the beginning of the search; moving from birth to death, from the old world to the new, and from this world to the next. Here, the sea is a metaphor for the carrier whose female fluidity divides and joins the male solidity of the land. As the movements of the sea go from turbulent to calm, nothing is assured. The quest for the betweenness of old and new, the place that is neither sand nor sea, leads to where both embrace in a mosaic of foreign sounds from different corners of the world


Tread softly when you leave
A journey safe to you
A pilgrimage to foreign lands
Seek sanctuary true

Chorus: Exile... exile...

I cannot of two places be
Cannot be the shore and be the sea
To seek... to search... to find the place
Where sand and shore simply interlace

Slipped those ways into a life
Not knowing that you'd grow with me
The freedom that you gave... to see
Threefold earned this loyalty

Cannot be two ways complete
Cannot be both day and night
Surrendering to find the space...
As dawn and dusk find their resting place