1. Silence

From the recording Between The Worlds

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"the silence of the forest is my bride and the sweet dark warmth of the whole world is my love, and out of the heart of that dark warmth comes the secret that is heard only in silence, but it is the root of all the secrets that are whispered by all the lovers in their beds all over the world."

Learning to Love: Exploring Solitude and Freedom. Volume 6, p 240:1966-1967 


Welcome.. silence... to my place
I've missed you for so long
I sought your face a thousand times in voices loud and strong
In searching for your solitude... I looked and looked without
And where else should I find your face... upon this holy ground.

Now... silence... would you not... spend more time just here
Your breeze is as a lover fine, a lover fine to me
And in the quiet darkness of our sacred place
I'd hold your court and bid you never leave here or away

Through worlds divine and shadows fine and 'cross the seven seas
Forever searching... wanderlust... in hopes of home to see
If... silence... you've a home... a place for us to be
Then glad I'll be your lover true
And go there... go there... with you