1. Fyvie Castle

From the recording Between The Worlds

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Samhain was the feast that marked the end of the "light half" of the year and the beginning of the "dark half." The light half was that of the people, the dark half belonged to the earth, the cycle of time being expressed in the basic duality of darkness and light. Samhain, or Halloween as it has come to be known, was actually New Year's Eve in the Celtic calendar. For the Celts, the dark always preceded the light, and day began at dusk, not dawn.

The children's tradition that otherworldly creatures come to life on Halloween has its origins in the ancient feast of Samhain, but the Celts' main concern with the other world was to receive wisdom from their ancestors. It was a time for solitary introspection and reflection. The custom of dressing up in costume began back then. It was acceptable to stretch the boundaries by assuming a different identity to welcome the supernatural. This tune, however, reflects the lighter side of the season that we all grew up with.