1. Fig for a Kiss
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1. Fig For a Kiss 3:23

A well known session tune with several variants; this version is based on the song Gáire na mBan or Laughter of the Women. It represents the beginning of courtship and couples gathering.


(Gáire na mBan - Laugher of the Women)

Rínce 's ceol bíodh againne
Gliogar is sport is ragairne
Buailimís ceól go fearuíl
Is gealainnís croithe na mban.

Ó ro na cailiní 's búachaillí óga fearúla
Rínce, ceól is ragairne
Aileacht is gáire na mban.

Síos is súas an macha linn
Anonn 's anall 's isteach arís
Tuagimís cuairt is casadh
Is blaisimís beola na mban.

Seinimís duain is canaimís
Caithimís súas ar mbratacha
Ce bheadh duairc faoí mhairg
Nuair a Chifeach sí gáire na mban.


Dancing and music had we
chat and sport and revelling
We played great music and
waved to the women

the mildness of the girls and
the young manly boys
dancing, music and revelry
the beauty and laughter of the women

Up and down the yard we went
to and fro and through again
visiting with and tasting
the lips of the women

Playing songs and singing
we threw off our clocks
Who could be gloomy or sorrowful
around the laughter of women