Celtic Lamentations, Healing for Twelve Months And A Day….

Áine Minogue

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"Aine Minogue.... a balm for our times." BOSTON GLOBE

Top 10 Folk Album of 2005 – Boston Globe (Dec.) “Celtic Album of the Year 2005” (NAR) Full page Feature – Boston Globe Several months in the Top 10 New Age radio charts Top 10 – Echoes – December 2005 Top 10 – Echoes – March 2006 Top 25 “Essential Echoes” Cd’s of 2005 Top 25 “staff choices – essential Echoes of 2005” New Age nominations – best album, best vocal album, best Celtic Album Nominations: NAR Lifestyle Award 2006– best Celtic Album, Best Vocal album

As an artist, Aine Minogue has long explored Ireland's themes and mysteries, sharing its very essence in her vocal and instrumental melodies. Experience the power of these songs to let go of that which we've lost-- and to move toward the joys that lie ahead.

This collection offers a "companion in music"--eleven songs that carry the power of Celtic music to help us return to everyday life.

Meant to be heard often, this inspired sequence includes Celtic keening--an improvisational ode to the women of yore who carried the grief for their entire communities, "Deus Meus"__ a fusion of Latin and Gaelic healing music, a moving interpretation of the classic "Carolan's Farewell to Music," the uplifting "Awakening," and other original compositions.

“One of the most popular creators of post-Enya Celtic new age music, Aine Minogue delights her fans album after album by focusing on the more ethereal aspects of Irish and Scottish songs. Here she trains her mellifluous soprano on downcast lullabies, laments, and hymns, creating a cathartic sadness that opens the heart. Minogue has made an album that is not only musically valid but useful as a tool for grieving.” CD UNIVERSE

"The sheer beauty of this music, most of it exploring religious themes, is almost haunting" GLOBAL RHYTHM

"With a haunting and soothing voice, Aine Minogue’s "Celtic Lamentations" is perfect for that moment when you need to sit back, meditate and be calm" THE CELEBRITY CAFE

ALBUM CREDITS Eugene Friesen, Cello Alasdair Halliday, background vocals on "Awakening" Baird Hersey, throat singing on "Awakening Joanie Madden, Irish whistles, alto flute Áine Minogue, Irish Harp and vocals Scott Petito, acoustic guitar, bass, upright bass, keyboards, soundscapes and programming Randy Roos, soundscapes on "A Íosa, B'ím Chroíse" Leslie Ritter, background vocals Mark Wessel, engineer for harp tracking on "A Íosa," "B'ím Chroíse" Sam Zucchini, percussion

Co-produced by Áine Minogue and Scott Petito Production Assistant: Beth Reineke Executive Producer: Steven M. Gates

"Celtic Lamentations is the first step on an incredible journey." NEW AGE REPORTER RJ Lannen

All music traditional, arranged by Á. Minogue (Little Miller Music (BMI)), except "Do Not Stand," music by Á. Minogue, (Little Miller Music (BMI)); and, "Awakening" Traditional, arr. by Á. Minogue (Little Miller Music (BMI)) and Scott Petito (Spotted Music ASCAP)

Engineered and mixed by Scott Petito at NRS Recording Studio, Catskill, New York

Mastered by Robert Hadley at the Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA Liner Notes: Mitchell Clute

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